Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery must be reliable and efficient in daily operation under the most severe conditions. The constant pursuit of product improvement and cost reduction is our motivation in the development and design of exceptional and innovative brush concepts. These are used, for example, in harvesting machines and attachments.

Aerial view of combine harvester harvesting large ripe wheat field. Agriculture from drone view

Less grain loss for the greatest possible harvest profit

Brush systems to prevent trickle grain in the combine. Especially in the area of crop intake, grain separation and grain discharge, sealing brushes stop grain loss efficiently and with low wear.

Best cooling performance for maximum performance

Continuous cleaning of the cooler screen by means of brushes ensures a high cooling capacity. 

Sealing brushes close the annular gap on the rotating cooler screen without wear.

Harvesting wheat field with combine
very close up combine harvesting wheat

Better seals for longer life

Encapsulation by means of sealing brushes increases the service life of components and bearing units in the cuttings channel. Fiber labyrinth seals reduce dirt ingress at functional openings.

Accurate guidance of fertilizer for a precise result

Sealing brushes at the hopper outlet allow the fertilizer to be guided cleanly to the spreading disc. Impact grains are effectively avoided.

Agricultural tractor fertilizing wheat crop field with NPK
Close up of seeder attached to tractor in field. Agricultural machinery for spring works sowing

Intelligent brush insert for best metering capability

At the metering rotor, a brush can be used to cleanly seal and wipe off the seed. The gentle fibers protect against damage to the seed (broken grain). The fibers are virtually wear-free, antistatic and prevent seed such as rapeseed from sticking.

Furthermore, brush solutions are used to slow down and guide the seed in mechanical and pneumatic seed metering systems.

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