The energy required to operate data centers is a cost driver in your calculations. Sealing solutions from BrushBoxx can minimize energy losses and reduce energy consumption. Using so-called strip brushes with flexible or rigid bodies, we develop and produce the sealing brush suitable for your application. Here we can fall back on readily available body geometries, or offer a customized product to suit your needs.

Cable entry for raised floors

Data or supply lines are routed through the raised floor to the server cabinet. The cut-out through the raised floor panel into the server cabinet is sealed by our high-density standard BrushLock system. The pre-assembled system, which includes installation materials and was developed for uncomplicated handling on the construction site, can simply be inserted into the prefabricated raised floor cutout.

network server room

Server rack

For efficient cable management, strip brushes are used to seal horizontally or vertically on the rack. This closes disturbing openings opaquely, enables clean cable management and ensures reliable airflow within the rack.

Server cabinet

Breakouts for cable routing, for example on the side or rear wall or on the roof or floor panel, can be sealed using BrushBoxx solutions.

Server Room in Data Center

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Cold aisle enclosure

There are further possibilities for the use of brush seals on the cold aisle enclosures within the data center. For example, sliding doors can be sealed all around, cable routes into the cold aisle can be sealed, and openings above the server cabinets can be sealed. In addition to the tightness of the brushes, they also have the property that tolerances between the elements can be compensated for by the flexibility of the fibers.